EFT is a tool I use within my psychotherapy practice.  I learned how to tap from the wonderful and very talented practitioner Claire HayesShe taught me how it can create powerful self awareness, aid in mindfulness practices and lead to positive change.

When I say I use EFT as a tool I mean that I use it in the same way a painter uses certain types of brushes to achieve certain effects.  The painter may not use that particular brush all of the time or with every painting but it is there when the circumstances call for it.  That is how I use EFT in my work. 

EFT, as with most change techniques, is effective when you are open minded and tuned in to your body.  It can center you, enhance your focus, and help you become present and powerful.  


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I would like to thank Robyn Hatcher, founder of SpeakEtc, who is bringing EFT to her public speaking clients!