Extremely happy with your facilitating the family communications, and the lifelong skills you are teaching a 12 year old.

R. T.

I would like to thank Michelle for providing us a sound home and the ability to see beyond the vicious cycle that life can bring you to. It was a difficult process because it meant facing reality, but with her clarity and encouragement it has given the ability not only to deal with life, but enjoy it. I'm greatly appreciative. Thank you for all that you have done for us.

Megan D. (Fitness and Supplementation Expert)

As a health and fitness professional I often find myself in a position to make recommendations outside of my area of expertise. Making a recommendation to a therapist can be tricky and must be handled gently.  I know when referring to Michelle that she is incredible at what she does and that she will handle my clients with care.  I highly recommend Michelle and will continue to do so! 

Christina Positano, LMSW

Michelle gets it. She feels it. She takes you there. She possesses a warmth and comfort with her clients but does so with a genuine, healing spirit. She is a colleague who always demonstrates a “can do” attitude and has an insatiable drive to help people make positive change a reality.

Chris s.

Michelle Cleary has been helping me unlock myself for many years... She has the keys to help people heal themselves and overcome what's keeping them from living a healthy life.  Michelle is as highly recommended as it gets!!


I have never felt so welcomed, or secure with anyone.  Michelle is a very professional, caring and most respectful therapist I have ever worked with. In about a year with working with Michelle I have accomplished so many things that I never thought were possible for me to do on my own. I have never met someone so humble and I am beyond thankful and lucky to have her as my therapist. Thank you for everything.

R. L.

Michelle is caring, compassionate and direct. She has helped so many people including myself.

J. C.

It is beyond my abilities to tell you anything other than you are a healing soul for lost souls.

Lisa O.

Without her, I wouldn't be the person I am today.


Michelle is not your typical therapist. I appreciate her intelligence and how approachable she is. Because of her straight forward and in depth approach I have made much more progress with my goals in therapy than ever before. I'm very happy that I took a chance on therapy again with Michelle after becoming frustrated with previous therapists in a more traditional therapy model. Working with her has made such a difference!

J. W.

Michelle has a memory that I don't understand!  She remembers it all!  She picks up on everything and then puts it all together like a puzzle!

I love working with you Michelle!! 

J. B.

You have a gift.  You understand  people in a way that is not typical.  You say things in a way  that is penetrating... You are not a typical therapist.

Suzanne A.

Ms Cleary is an exceptionally trained therapist and she has an awesome personality. I highly recommend her services.

Tracey L.

Love the way Michelle interacts. She is great at what she does.

Marcella Talignani, LMSW

Michelle Cleary is a warm, genuine clinician who truly cares about her clients. Her work is her passion and it shines in every aspect of her being. She possesses the perfect combination of expertise in her field, insight, empathy, professionalism and dedication. As her colleague, I have come to know, appreciate and respect her work ethic, practice principles and standards.

The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson