The Compulsive Eating Workshop

The Compulsive Eating Workshop

Stop RE-joining Weight Loss Programs

Are you a chronic Weight Watchers® member?  Do you have an on again off again relationship with Jenny Craig®?  Do you "start over" every Monday morning?  Does food seem more powerful than you and your goals? If you have spent your life making and then breaking weight loss promises to yourself then I invite you to spend the day with us and find out why this keeps happening and what you can do about it. 

Steve Harvey's guest eating disorder expert Michelle Cleary, LCSW and seasoned eating disorder therapist Allison Coleman, LCSW have come together to bring you this unique and powerful workshop.

We all know we should stop eating when we are no longer hungry!  We know that when the points are gone the kitchen is closed!  Eat less and work-out more, duh!  So if you know what to do why haven't you been able to do it yet?  Maybe because there is something else going on... Join us and find out what that is. 

✓    Understand what compulsive eating behavior is and where it may have come from

✓    Find out why food is often more powerful than you and your goals

✓    Learn why all the books, powders, pills, and programs haven’t worked

✓    Learn mindfulness techniques that will help you eat intuitively and reach your goals

✓    Make your workouts more effective by healing your relationship with food

✓    Learn about additives that make some food chemically impossible to resist

✓    Gain a deeper understanding of how media influences body image and behavior

✓    Breakfast and lunch will be served and used in the program for a powerful experiential understanding of how urges and compulsions impact your actions.

****PERFECT for fitness industry professionals whose clients are struggling with reaching their fitness goals due to poor nutrition****

Here's some more info about the event!

  • Being held in the heart of Mid-town Manhattan, just a few blocks from Grand Central Station.
  • Refunds are available if you are unable to attend.
  • Registration begins at 8:00am
  • You can contact Michelle or Allison with questions or concerns at or

Michelle on the Steve Harvey Show

Michelle on the Steve Harvey Show

Check out this article by Michelle about Compulsive Eating!

Michelle Cleary, LCSW is a licensed psychotherapist with over a decade of experience helping individuals reach their personal goals.  She was a guest expert on the Steve Harvey Show in January (topic Night Eating Syndrome) and has been a regular guest on the QuitBingeEating Podcast.  She is authoring a book about compulsive eating issues (to be published in the fall of 2014) and is a regular contributor to ExpertBeacon.

Allison Colman, LCSW

Allison Colman, LCSW


Allison Coleman, LCSW is a licensed psychotherapist in New York and Connecticut.  In addition to having a thriving private practice, she is an eating disorder therapist and group therapy leader at the nationally renowned Renfrew Center and is now a therapist at the Backcountry Wellness Center in Greenwich, Conn.