What do you get when you combine a group of friends, a common struggle, and an inspirational and knowledgeable professional?





Just a quick shout-out for Michelle - I found her examples and stories to be extremely helpful in resetting my mind back to this idea that not only am I actually doing things right but that even if I do make a misstep then it isn’t the end of the world. Thanks again ... and to all the other moms there for the open, honest, and non-judgmental room!
— Gwendolyn R.

My colleague Allison Coleman, LCSW and I have teamed up to bring hope and healing right to your home!  We will run topic specific workshops in a familiar place, with familiar people who share your struggles. 

Allison and I will work with your group to help you each:

  1. find a deeper understanding of the issue
  2. learn healthy tools and coping mechanisms
  3. experience camaraderie and support
  4. facilitate real change
  5. feel inspired and empowered

Pick a topic

What are you struggling with? Do you notice that you and your friends are struggling with similar issues?

  • Weight and body image struggles
  • Compulsive eating issues
  • Relationship struggles
  • Singles
  • Divorce
  • Parenting concerns
  • Toddler woes
  • Teenager angst

Gather a group!

So you know a few people who are in the same boat and that topic of conversation keeps coming up?

Invite them over!

Whether it is a group of friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, or members of an online group, gather up to 12 people who are all looking for guidance, help, and healing on the same topic. 


Only $55 per person (excluding the organizer)

Minimum of 5 people (in addition to the organizer).

Within the tri-state area. (New York, New Jersey, Conn)

Farther distances will require an additional travel fee.

Start the healing!

Contact me and we will coordinate a time and date. 

We will run a 2-3 hour inspirational and informative workshop at your home for your group!  We will provide all of the materials, important information about the topic, resources and support.