Michelle gets it. She feels it. She takes you there. She possesses a warmth and comfort with her clients but does so with a genuine, healing spirit. She is a colleague who always demonstrates a “can do” attitude and has an insatiable drive to help people make positive change a reality.
— Christina Positano, LMSW

I am a licensed psychotherapist, eating disorder expert, parenting and lifestyle coach and the founder and CEO of Dimensional Psychotherapy. 

I believe in the power of therapy.  During my lifelong journey as both practitioner and client I have discovered that the most effective method of treatment is one that is, what I describe as, multidimensional.  A therapeutic approach that is clinically sound and responsible while also being holistic, experiential, authentic, and often body centered.  I am an author, lecturer and have appeared as a guest expert for the Steve Harvey Show.

After graduating from SUNY Stony Brook with my Masters in Social Work I began working as an Early Intervention Provider for New York State.  For over 13 years I worked with families coping with the devastating effects of having a young child on the autistic spectrum.  During this period I began working at Neighborhood Counseling Center in Brooklyn, NY as a psychotherapist where I broadened my scope of practice.  Here I cultivated my skills and garnered invaluable experience with almost all populations and issues.  I now specialize in, but am not limited to, treating all degrees of trauma, compulsive eating disorders, issues related to autism spectrum diagnoses, and adolescent struggles.


Regret is a heavy burden; lessons are so much lighter
— Michelle Cleary, LCSW